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Casement Windows offer full top to bottom ventilation, opening outward to the left or right to allow fresh air inside.

Because they open easily, casement windows are a great choice above kitchen sinks or anywhere your window requires a reach.

Casement Windows Benefits

  • Highly energy efficient. All casement windows supplied by Albany Windows are A+ rated for energy efficiency as standard, more than meeting WER (Windows Energy Rating) requirements. Thanks to enhanced glazing and an effective window sash pressing against the frame on closing, air entry and leakage is further prevented to increase efficiency.
  • Easy to open and close. Thanks to the use of single-lever latches, casement windows are exceedingly easy to operate, opening and closing smoothly every time. Most models can be further fitted with automatic openers for increased ease of use also.
  • Excellent ventilation. Since traditional casement windows open outward, they have no trouble flooding any room or space with the desired amount of ventilation. Unlike double-hung windows which are closed on top, casement windows are open from top to bottom so it’s never a struggles to feel cool.
    Casement windows georgian style
  • Exceedingly low maintenance. Whether uPVC or aluminium, your casement windows will never require heavy amounts of cleaning, both simply requiring a wipe down should they ever become dusty or dirtied. Casement windows can also have a lifespan of roughly 30 years also, more than giving you your money’s worth on investment.

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